Limited specializes in designing and mass producing of tiffany stained glass lamps and other stained glass decoration products. We have strong ability in designing and producing stained glass lamps shades, panels and other artistic products. Our products have been widely exported to North America, Europe, Mid East, Oceania, Japan and Russia. Now we have become the largest producer in our field and have high reputation and credits among customers.

Nowadays the World is Flat and has entered into a low-profit era. So besides continuous commitment for the highest quality among all suppliers, we are devoted to supplying high quality products with the lowest prices in the world!



Our Team

Our team consists of professional tiffany stained glass products designing experts, experienced technicians and hardworking workers in the industry. Our experts are multitalented and creative with insight and passion for what they are doing. You will find our experts are knowledgeable to customer needs and ready to help customer reach their goals. And the most important, our quick responsiveness to customer queries has won a lot of appreciation from customers.


Our History and Investor Relations

From 1990, our team began to work as designers and technicians in primary tiffany products factories in China Mainland. In 1995, we established our own tiffany factory in Huizhou, P.R. China mainly producing tiffany stained glass lamp shades, panels and other artistic products for lighting exporters. In 2004, we registered our own exporting company. We also established a new factory in east China, where we product mostly panels and other artistic products without electric parts. We have developed to be the largest producer of tiffany products while most factories did not survive in the past years. Limited is a share holding company. Most staff owns different percentage of share options. Our shareholders and staff are all motivate and high-spirited for what we are doing and pursuing. 


Our Mission

With our efforts, we are devoted to producing the best tiffany products with the most competitive prices as well as putting great importance to the long term cooperation with our customers.



Our Quality 
We are dedicated to the principle of "Quality is the Life of an Enterprise". We have an in-house QC group composed of 15 skilled technicians and trade inspectors. Each tiffany product will be checked for four times before packaging. Starting from raw materials and components tested before use, each product is constantly checked at each stage of producing process. Random inspections are also conducted on final tiffany products. 


Our Guarantee 
We are always responsible for what we supply and what we do. We guarantee quality tiffany products and safe packing. Our products (lamps and panels) passed drop test by some large retailers. For the defects of any received products, we provide free replacements with next order shipment or by courier if required by customers.


Our Commitment to Excellence

Driven by a focus on excellence in people, products, service, and partnering relationships, Limited remains committed to being a premier growth company. The entrepreneurial spirit of founders and his commitment to excellence permeates the organization to this day. The vision stands as the foundation upon which the company has built a record of growth matched by few companies in P.R.China. Do not be satisfied with average performance," Company owners advised their employees. "Strive for excellence. If you cannot give your customers a better value and a better product, do not sell the product." Our quest for quality and standard of excellence remain as strong today as yesterday.

Stained Glass Producing


Copper Foil Producing


Caps and Filigree Producing


Lamp Shade Designing


Lamp Shade Producing


Windows Designing and Producing


Metal Lamp Bases Producing


Main Types of Plugs, Switches and Sockets


Other Parts or Accessories of Lamp Bases

Assembling of Lamps


Adding Wood Frames and Hooks for Windows


Packing Lamps or Windows into Cartons


Laoding into Containers for Shipping


We got a lot of satisfied feedback from our buyers especially new buyers. We swear some comments listed below are all true! Of course, many more old and close buyers do not comment at all since there is no problem with our quality and they order regularly and constantly from us. Frankly speaking, almost all buyers are those who left old suppliers for different reasons and turned to us and never leave us after test/first order for our quality, stability and credits. We welcome you to test us too and we are always ready to satisfy and support you too!



From Japan: I watchd table lamp open package.3 type all big size and beauty glad me  


From New Zealand: I thank you & your team for all your efforts & time given to make my consignment ready. I received my consignment last Friday and everything seems fine so far. I like the new items… a very good job done! Thanks once again and I hope we grow our business in the near future! 
From USA: Yes. I will place an order in about 1 month. I am trying to get new customers. Right now the US economy is suffering so not too many people are buying but we will find new buyers.    

From UK: Dearest ..., I received the shipment of glass a couple of days ago, thank you very much for your very efficient work and all the efforts that you made. Firstly, the glass is fantastic quality, the pictures that you sent were not so good I was worried about the quality, but it is excellent. Secondly, the packaging is exceptional, of the highest quality, I have never seen packaging as good as this. Thirdly, the labelling is fantastic it is in clear writing and on all sides of the box so we can always identify the contents. Thank you very much for putting ... designs on, this helps me to stop other people copying. Fourthly, the cable switches and plugs, the lampholders, and the Harps are all very good quality for the low price, thank you very much for this. And finally, your diligent service, your attention to detail, your quick response to my e-mails, are all part of a very efficient and high quality service. I am confident that we will do a lot more business soon. I had no idea that the product quality would be so good and the service would be excellent. I thank you again ..., and all the people working in your factory to make such an excellent product. I will speak to you soon. Warmest regards   

From Australia: The lamps arrived without any problems. Great product, good packaging. I am very happy about it.     
From USA: I truly enjoyed our cooperation this past year and i look forward to doing more business with you in the future.   
From UK: Yes I have received them! They're perfect! And the whole process was extremely quick. I am very happy with them, thanks so much for all your help.   
From New Zealand: GOOD NEWS that the lamps have finally arrived to my place!!! The tiffany lamps are beautiful and now I have no doubts on your good quality. I hope we can keep some good business in near future. Now I am becoming very busy here try to sell them. Please pray for me.    
From USA: The lamps finally arrived last week. Everything looks great. The quality and packing were very good. All the parts were there and all the correct lamps etc. were sent. Thanks again for all your hard work in getting them here. I'll let you know how sales go. The economy is really slow now but we are hoping things will pick up for the Christmas season.     
From Canada: The lamps have arrived safely, the packaging looks good, those we have opened are in good condition and packed well. Thanks you again for your good service and help.  
From Australia: We received the lamps the other day! It is absolutely gorgeous! Thank you so much Sunny for all of your hard work with this order. We really appreciate it.  
From Netherlands: The container was deliverd on Friday. We are very enthousiastic about the pakking and the quality. Now we will do our best to sell these items and continue the business.     
From Germany: I am mostly satisfied with your products, there were only a few problems but this I will let you know later. Please send me a photo quotation for the Items as listed in the attached Excel file and also I will need the actual prizes for the items from my first order.  

From USA: I got all the lights and everything looks very good, Thank You. The business in the usa is very slow now but should pickup soon. When everything pickup we will make bigger order and i will contact you.     
From Germany: We opened our big container of lamps. Everything is perfect. Your team did a good job! Thank you very much!!     
From Germany: My best wishes for new year. We like all goods you have send us, we are really satisfied.   
From Spain: The last container all is correct in general. Congratulation to NEW MODELS 251 and RA006.... PERFECTS!!! 


From Denmark: we have of course got the container, we got it on the 14th of december, so we managed to get out some of the lamps before christmas. You asked of response of the lamp quality, and it is fine. It is always difficult to order new items only by photo, but I think these items will sell well.   
From Australia: About the order. I am happy with most of the pieces, the columns are very nice it would have been good if the metal parts were not so plastic looking. The firescreens are very nice also but they don’t seem to be very strong.     
From Indonesia: I have recently received a delivery of lamps from you and I am happy with service and quality. I wish to order some more.   
From Hungary: The container has successfully arrived. Unfortunately there are some smaller problems like there is no Hungarian manual in the boxes of the table lamps, only in the boxes of floor lamps and there is no pictures on the boxes in order to recognize them. We find the products very nice and good. I hope we can do further business in the future.    
From USA: The quality of lamps in this shipment is the best you have given us so far. We have had no problems with any bases. The workmanship on the shades is very good. Your shades are as good as any that Dale Tiffany or Meyda supply.  


From USA: I examined all of the stained glass items, lamps, suncatcher, nite light. Everything looked really good.     

From France: I have receive today the container. And I can tell you, I'm very happy of your work, and the quality. Thank you very much, Sunny. Next week, I take contact with you for a new command...About lamps, people likes; we sell little quantity because in this period, we works with people, but they are particulars, not professionels. They visit our factury. In September, we visit our professionels clients, and it's better for to do more quantity. But don't worry, here, we are happy of your collection, and we'll continue to work with you. I come to you for to give news. I'm happy to sell your lamps; I like that. 


From USA: I received the container and I started to sell :) I am so happy , you don't have idea how much!


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We welcome your visiting to select products in our showroom (the largest in China).
Before visiting, we need verify visitors are real buyers from enough information from visitors. Without enough information provided, we might refuse visiting. And we remain legal rights against any fake visitors.

The showroom in Lianyungang, Jiangsu is 50 minutes by air away from Shanghai, 1 hour by air away from Beijing, about 2.5 hours by air away from Guangzhou (Canton Fairs), about 4 hours by bus away from Nanjing and about 6 hours by bus away from Shanghai.

We will book rooms for you with your information about visiting persons or rooms you need.
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