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Find stained glass lamp partners

Recruiting agents/partners:

Company: Jiangsu stained glass lighting co. LTD

Products: Stained Glass lamp /Stained Glass Windows.

Production and shipping address: Lianyungang, Jiangsu, China

Delivery time and warranty: 24 hours for stock, 24 days for order / 10 years warranty.

Requirements for agents: online shop, short video, social networking tools and other network communication and sales can be.Domestic agents do not need to stock up. We strictly control the number of agents at home and abroad

Agency policy:

Agents enjoy a uniform discount to get the price.

No discount or negotiation for non-agents.Strictly protect the interests of agents.

Agents can enjoy company positions, shares and other benefits.

Contact information for agent qualification application:

QQ or WeChat :2852371977 (overseas customers)

QQ or WeChat :2852371978 (jiangnan customer)

QQ or WeChat :2852371979 (jiangbei customer)

Company profile:

Since its establishment 15 years ago, Jiangsu tiffany lighting co., LTD has only been focusing on the design and production of colored glass lighting and decorative window crafts.There are also dozens of supporting supply partners.We implement the full share award system and aim to be listed on the main board of the United States within three years.We are also willing to share the company's development and achievements with agents and other partners.

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